Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tom Hanson Collection of Note Cards

I was visiting with a client of mine a couple of years ago, I was showing him my new collection of Fine Art Note Cards that feature the imagery of my paintings, he shared with me his enthusiasm, and commented that one of the most precious things he looks forward to during the holidays was receiving a hand written note from his kids.
That touched me and I realised that I felt the same way about receiving hand written letters and cards. Our conversation continued along the lines of  "how we as a society have gotten away from the hand written word in our modes of communication."  With e-mails, texts, twitters and the like, "we've become so impersonal."
Well, this was reinforcement
and motivation to continue to build my line of note cards.
The cards are available individually and in Gift Boxes of 5 cards and envelopes as well as a larger box of 12. The collection has over 30 images to date with more being worked up all the time. They feature paintings of North Central Montana, my home, Spokane and the Inland Northwest, where I live today, and my collection of  Abstract Flys'. This year I plan on adding more images which will include paintings of National Parks and The Pacific Northwest.

On the commercial end, I've found the gift boxes an outstanding advertising medium for clients, we add the companies Logo to the gift boxes and to the back of the cards, making it a great ad art product.
So in a nut shell, we're creating a tool for expanding a clients marketing and providing them with a wonderful medium of personalized thank you notes to their valued customers.

On the personal end, we all enjoy receiving a note of appreciation from time to time, I hope these cards can provide you with a way to do just that, send someone that you care about a card, and let them know that your thinking of them....
 I've attached a slide show so you can see a catalogue of the current card selection.

If you'd like more information or place an order, you can connect with me through my website.

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