Wednesday, September 21, 2011

" Referrals make the World go Around!"

Truer words were never spoken in today's business, and over the years I have benefited greatly from design professionals and individuals referring me to leads for possible projects.
I thought I'd share a few memorable referrals, so I've inserted a couple of photos of referred projects and the designers involved.
Here's "Espresso Americano", a coffee shop in Kyoto, Japan. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff Nagel in Edmonds, WA.  Thanks Jeff!

Here's the First State Bank of Thompson Falls in Plains, MT. 
I was referred to this project by designer Carol Mavros in Missoula, MT,
Thanks Carol!

Here's the main lobby piece for the Panhandle State Bank in Coeur 'd Alene, Idaho. A project I was referred to by Hayden, Idaho designer- architect Tony Zanetti, 
 thanks again Tony. 

Now don't let the huge pieces fool you, I work in any size, as the photo below illustrates, this is project was referred by a friend for a residence in Denver, CO
"The Red Rocks"

That's just a few examples of what can happen when folks see opportunities, and generously share their vision with clients and the artist. 
If you or someone you know is involved in a remodel or can use art work like mine in their new interior, 
I'd like to encourage you to keep me in mind for your referrals!
Thanks again to all!!

You can learn more about my commissioned works at the earlier blog here: