Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Latest Abstract Canvases...

I'm excited to offer these 4 new canvases available for sale.
Each piece is an original painting on canvas, gallery wrapped with a masonite backing, they feature a soft metallic wash and are finished with an acrylic varnish, making the piece very durable.
The canvases can be purchased at my online store, go to Tom Hanson Arts Online Store. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the original paintings.

Ascending Indigo, 12" x 24"  original acrylic on canvas, wrapped canvas...

Blue Horizon, 12" x 24"  original acrylic on canvas, wrapped canvas...

A Painter's Groove, 12" x 36"  original acrylic on canvas with collage brush, wrapped canvas...

 Palouse Horizon, an abstract, 12" x 42"  original acrylic on canvas, wrapped canvas...

November's Free Print Winner is Kay Dell Parratt.
This months Winner of my Free Print Giveaway is another familiar face from my past, isn't Facebook cool, it's really brings people back in touch after many miles and years. I was tickled to see Kay Dell's name come up while drawing this months winner, as this wonderful lady was my Boy's Home Economics teacher at Great Falls High School in my home town of Great Falls, Montana.

Kay Dell & Molly
I consider myself to be extraordinarily lucky to have had a number of world class educators in my school years, and Kay Dell was one of those. One of those rare times when you couldn't wait to get to class to see what was going to happen that day. If you had Kay Dell as an instructor, you know exactly what I mean.
Thanks Kay Dell for following my Tom Hanson Artist Page on Facebook, and thanks for your kind support over the years.

I have one more month left in my Free Print Giveaway, you can still enter your name by "liking" my page mentioned above, or send me a response and I can add your email address,  Good Luck!!!

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