Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thanks Arts Business Institute!

I'd like to thank the Arts Business Institute for including my work in their recent blog article featuring In Situ photos as a portfolio and marketing necessity. In Situ photos are, in my case, those that show the art work in the environment they were designed to occupy. 
Panhandle Falls

Here's a photo you have seen numerous times here on the blog, the feature shot in the article, a great example of a In Situ Photo.
This has been a mainstay of my presentation from the very beginning of my business, primarily due to the nature on my installations, which have been commissioned custom works for commercial and residential interiors. It helps prospective clients visualize what their wall area may look like with a piece of my art on it.
You can visit my website at to see more examples of this style of photographic presentation.
Going to the Sun Road

Arts Business Institute is an educational organization providing valuable information to the arts community nationally, I'm thrilled to be able to make a contribution that may help artists, artisans and craftspeople assisting in designing and implementing there own unique course and plans for their creative businesses.
Click on thefollowing link to read the blog article:

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