Frequently Asked Questions

Return Policy: 
The sale must be ordered by phone and communicate with Tom personally, it must be a credit card sale, paid in full. You will have 10 days from the date of receipt of delivery. 
If you decide to return the piece, you will be refunded the price of the piece less the credit card charges of 3.5 % of the sale price, and you will be responsible for the shipping charges as well.

Pricing for Commissioned Custom Paintings:
Pricing for custom art includes: design, production and delivery, and in some local case, installation.
Prices are based on a Square Foot basis and range from $150. - $250. per sq. ft. for large pieces larger than 36" x 48".
For smaller pieces up to 36" x 48", prices are based on a per square inch. from $2.50 per square inch for unframed canvases.

Prices can vary and there are exceptions to these prices.

Pricing for existing Paintings:
Refer to the price guidelines above, existing originals vary in price, this has to due with framing, shipping and ownership if it is a framed piece. Frame costs can effect the price significantly, depending on the value of the frame. In many cases dealers and frame shop galleries may put a deluxe frame on a piece, others may use a more economy frame. 

Prices for prints and note cards are available on the web-store, contact Tom for current prices on prints on canvas, as the production costs vary frequently, as these pieces are produced by other companies.

Please note: that many of Tom's paintings are designed to be a frame-less,gallery wrap type design so this cost factor does not pertain.

Shipping and Sales Taxes where applicable,can significantly 
effect the price of the delivered art work...

Contact Tom for specific price quotes and estimates.

All art works are insured, shipped to the address of your choice.
Smaller items like Note Cards and Prints are shipped USPS Flat Rate when possible. Larger items like canvas, prints on canvas and framed prints are shipped UPS or FedEx.
Shipping Costs are usually included in the price, if purchased on the Web Store through PayPal. If you contact me directly, I'll negotiate a package price with you that includes shipping.
Refer to the Return Policy for issues regarding shipping of returned items.
International shipments have additional fees and duties, these are the responsibility of the buyer upon delivery of the shipment.

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