Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Tom Hanson Collection of Note Cards

I was visiting with a client of mine a couple of years ago, I was showing him my new collection of Fine Art Note Cards that feature the imagery of my paintings, he shared with me his enthusiasm, and commented that one of the most precious things he looks forward to during the holidays was receiving a hand written note from his kids.
That touched me and I realised that I felt the same way about receiving hand written letters and cards. Our conversation continued along the lines of  "how we as a society have gotten away from the hand written word in our modes of communication."  With e-mails, texts, twitters and the like, "we've become so impersonal."
Well, this was reinforcement
and motivation to continue to build my line of note cards.
The cards are available individually and in Gift Boxes of 5 cards and envelopes as well as a larger box of 12. The collection has over 30 images to date with more being worked up all the time. They feature paintings of North Central Montana, my home, Spokane and the Inland Northwest, where I live today, and my collection of  Abstract Flys'. This year I plan on adding more images which will include paintings of National Parks and The Pacific Northwest.

On the commercial end, I've found the gift boxes an outstanding advertising medium for clients, we add the companies Logo to the gift boxes and to the back of the cards, making it a great ad art product.
So in a nut shell, we're creating a tool for expanding a clients marketing and providing them with a wonderful medium of personalized thank you notes to their valued customers.

On the personal end, we all enjoy receiving a note of appreciation from time to time, I hope these cards can provide you with a way to do just that, send someone that you care about a card, and let them know that your thinking of them....
 I've attached a slide show so you can see a catalogue of the current card selection.

If you'd like more information or place an order, you can connect with me through my website.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Commissioned Art Works by Tom Hanson

Let's talk a minute about commissioned works, From the beginning of my business, that's been my niche. I started calling on corporate clients in L.A. in the late 70's. There was then and is now a need for art work on the walls of offices and facilities of all kinds, I saw the potential then and went for it. Since then I've created art works of all kinds, from Wall graphics that cover what seemed like acres of wall space, to collages utilizing Boeing airplane parts for their walls. Medical facilities, IBM buildings, insurance offices to apartment walls, from a cafe in Kyoto, Japan to a National Defence contractor in Washington D.C., my motto has been " no wall too big, none too small ".  I still approach things in that mindset.
 The photo here shows a large piece done for the Panhandle State Bank in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho that I created for them a few years back, it illustrates nicely how my work has developed and how I take the environment in to account when custom designing a piece for a client.
When designing a project like this I invite the client into the process, by that I mean that I look at this as a commercial art project where I'm creating this art work for them, so I ask them, "What would you like to see in this space", and why not, it's their space, they've got to look at it everyday, they should get excited about it, and by inviting them into the process we achieve that end! They're happy with it, and so am I.

So, lets say you have a blank wall that has been crying out for something for some time, and you just haven't had the direction to go to look for an answer. A couple of things come to mind as to what obstacles you've faced, one is, It's just tough to pick something off the rack to fit the size of your space, big pieces are real expensive or the things you've looked at just haven't caught the nature of your area, business or the personalities of you and what you do.
Well, that's were I can come in, as I mentioned, I design my work to accommodate you, where you live , what you do, what your interior feels like and do it with your budget in mind. I'll present you with a full color scale sketch in proposal form so you know that the art works will look like, and how much it will cost from design through production and installation.
 Here's short video slide show that illustrates a before and after look at a few walls.

If you see your space like this and your interested in inquiring on how we can kick some ideas around for your space, Drop me an email at
More on all this later.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Off and Running! Tom Hanson Prints...

This week I'm off and running with my new marketing push for 2011, I'm celebrating with the release of my two new prints,  these pieces are taken from my Originals, " Wooley Bugger1 and Royal Wolf1"  these pieces are part of my current "Abstract Fly Collection."
This body of work brings together my love for fishing, the outdoors and by love of abstract painting.
The originals feature a huge impasto technique, intense color, and the subjects include imagery representing actual Flys that fishermen use in many parts of the world.

These Giclee prints have outstanding resolution and clarity, and bring a remarkable likeness to the reproduction.
They are available in two different sizes on archival papers as well as canvas, and are available in Fine Art Note Cards as well. If your interested in learning more about sizes available and prices, just touch base back.    More on all this later.