Thursday, November 5, 2020

Liven your Walls

With folks spending more time indoors these days, it's a good time to add some new color and energy to your walls and interior spaces.

Of course I always feel that way, but more folks are feeling the stress of occupying the same space, so here are a few originals that will  liven things up. 

Palisade Falls
24" x 72"  Acrylic on Canvas

This piece features the iconic water fall in Hyalite Canyon outside of Bozeman, Montana. It's a 24" x 72" Acrylic on canvas original.
Price: $2900.00 
shipping included-US

I'm reaching into the Archives to make a few of my earlier painting's available for purchase this Holiday Season, here are a few Abstracts!

Painter's Groove
12" x 36"  Acrylic on canvas& collage

Price: $600.00 
shipping included-US

shipping included-US

I will feature some more works soon!

Be well and stay safe!