Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Holiday Specials from the Studio

 Well it's that time again, time to offer some nice gift ideas from Tom's studio, and this years its an "Inflation Free Zone."

First off are these two original framed mini fly's,

these were produced earlier this year, each piece will include a complimentary Gift Box of 5 "Signature Edition Abstract Fly Note Cards" and including free shipping. USA domestic only

$450.00 value offered for just $390.00 each

 Isaac's Oro
9" x 18.5" original acrylic on canvas, framed


Gift Box of Note Cards
5.5" x 8.5 "
Abstract Fly Collection 2
each card is signed by the artist

New Coachman Mini
9" x 18.5" original acrylic on canvas, framed

Gift Box of Note Cards
5.5" x 8.5 "
Abstract Fly Collection 1
each card is signed by the artist

Your choice of Card  Selection of Group 1 or 2, pictured below.
Cards are also available separately at 

Note: the heavy traffic to the server has made loading the page difficult at times, if you have trouble try again and if you would like contact me directly please do.!

Your Choice of Selection of the box Collection below

If you would like to make a custom order, you can contact me by email at , I can share with you the possibilities.

Each card is signed by the artist

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

New Originals from Tom Hanson

 Tom has 4 new original paintings, acrylic on canvas, framed.  

Now available at "Tom's Web Store" .

They feature extreme textures and deep colors of nature, these pieces reflect those intimate moments alongside a stream in the woods with the salmon moving upstream to spawn and one of Tom's iconic Abstract Fly's.

Heading Upstream 2
15" x 18"

Go to the Store

Heading Upstream 1
12"x 15.5"

Go to the Store

Salmon Stream
12" x 19"

Go to the Store

New Coachman - Mini
9" x 18.5"

These new additions are available for purchase at Tom's Web Store, just click the link to see the info.

If you have any questions, just send Tom and email by clicking on this link. 

Monday, August 15, 2022

Join the fun at Arbor Crest this weekend!

 We're there, Arbor Crest Art & Glass Fest week!

The weekend of August 20, 21.

As in past years I've featured "Specials" for the show, and this year's special is Tom's  Inflation Free Zone!

What does that entail you ask? I've kept my prices the same as they have been since 2015.

Also, I'm offering these 3 large canvas prints from the Tom Hanson Collection at the special price of just $450.00 each, a $600.00 retail value, with an added break for the whole set of three.

Each Giclee print is the actual size of the original, 

a signed artist proof.

You should stop by and see how affordable these large pieces of art are for decorating your home or office.

Fallen Timber
Gallery wrap 16" x 66"

Lurking Lunker
Gallery wrap 24" x 48"

Gallery wrap 24" x 48"

I also have new originals, new mini Fly's and nature scenes starting at under $400.00

New framed mini-Abstract Fly's

A beautiful weekend is forecast, Arbor Crest Cellars is a great place to enjoy a cool shady park like setting, so come on up to the Cliff House Estate and enjoy all the festivities.
You can find Tom at Booth # 40.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Art Chowder Magazine featuring an article on Tom's life as an artist!


I'm excited to share this fun article currently featured in Art Chowder Magazine, featuring my art and life as an artist.

       Click this  Read the Article to read the article featuring "Tom's Art Work and Journey"

Pick up your copy of Art Chowder Magazine and support the arts in the Pacific Northwest!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Fresh Art from the Studio!

   Spring inspires my creative energies, I'm channeling those energies in the studio with new art works, painting new Mini Fly's and Cascading Waterfall pieces. 

Here are some sequential photos of the process I use in creating my abstract fly fishing fly's, in this case "Mini Fly's" which are 6" x 12" rough, painted on canvas panels with acrylics.

Composition painted texturally with modeling paste

The first process is painting the piece texturally, building up the impasto texture to a point were I like it with modeling paste.

Then I start to apply color in many applications, in this case a more wet on wet series of washes, transparent and building depth.

The first color


I let the paint dry between applications

The coloring of the details

More details

Finishing with signing the piece

Finding the right frame

Ready to Go!

Tom's latest Mini Fly!

So here's the latest in Tom's Abstract Fly Collection, "Isaac's Oro".

This New original is now available at Tom's webstore at 
Priced at just $450.00 with free shipping to US domestic

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Originals - Spring Special

 In the weeks ahead I'll be offering a number of originals from my "Studio Collection" at Special Collector's prices. 

The first piece featured is one of my original group of paintings that became my "Abstract Fly Collection" in 2008.

The "Salmon Streamer" is 12" x 24" x 2" canvas wrapped panel.


This special price includes delivery in the US domestic.

Salmon Streamer

Now available at my webstore, just click on this "Studio Collector's Special" link.

Visit Tom's Online Store at
 Originals, Canvas Prints and Note Cards!

Saturday, March 5, 2022

New "Signature Edition" Note Card Collections

"The Signature Edition"

For a limited time, The Tom Hanson Collection of Note Cards are signed by the artist making each card a frameable artwork, enhancing the presentation qualities of the card that you choose to send to your special recipient. 

 I've added the first in a series of new images for 2022 Tom Hanson Collection.

"Salmon Stream" 

Salmon Stream

"To kick off this new image, I'm adding it as a Bonus Card+1 in any of  my Gift Boxes of 5 cards for the Spring of '22."

 Any Gift Box of 5 Cards, will include +1 Bonus Card

Just go to Tom's Store to see the Collections available, place your order at