Monday, October 11, 2021

The Tom Hanson Collection: Abstract Fly Originals

 The Fall of 2021 brings offerings from the studio. These three originals have been on exhibition around the country, now back in the studio and are my current special offering to collectors.

"Tom's Foolery"
24" x 24"acrylic on canvas framed 

Amongst my favorite originals from the collection. These colorful big textured pieces are interpretive imagery of many of our favorite fly's.

24" X 36" acrylic on canvas framed

Each of these pieces offer a dynamic presentation and will bring life to any interior space.

"Spring Fling"
23" X 48" acrylic on canvas framed

Special discounts on multiple pieces are available to collectors, touch base with Tom for details.

Fall Special Pricing:

Tom's Foolery:                 $900.00  plus shipping 

Emerger:                        $1500.00   plus shipping 

Spring Fling:                  $2500.00  plus shipping 


Monday, July 19, 2021

Summer Time Case Sale is here!

 With Summer here it's great time to shop for art with a personal case showing of my "2021 Case Sale" .

I'll be making presentations of my work available to individual homes and company's offices by appointment, 
Starting next week in the Spokane - Coeur d'Alene areas for the summer months and I'll be touring Idaho and Montana in the weeks and months ahead, so touch base if you would like to see my schedule for your location. 

"The Case Sale" includes Prints on Paper and Canvas, Note Cards and Originals.

   I was told early in my career, "do not" have sales or discount your art, it's bad business.

Although I understand why art business people feel that way, I have found that if you have a glut of inventory, it's more important to find homes for this art work with folks that otherwise may feel they can't afford the art. 

It opens my creative energies to produce new works which is hugely important.

So that all having been said, I'm pricing the inventory affordably.

Cards and Prints come in many sizes, I will have a variety of note cards available, both individual cards as well as gift boxes.

4.5 x 8.5 "

5" x 7"

Lurking Lunker Print on Canvas, Artist Proof- 24" x 48

Multiple sizes available to fit any space.

Large Prints on Canvas

Available on various formats 

I'll have a few cool bags with me while they last!

You can call Tom Direct at 509-209-4228 or email at

If you would like to be removed from this email list, please let me know.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Liven your Walls

With folks spending more time indoors these days, it's a good time to add some new color and energy to your walls and interior spaces.

Of course I always feel that way, but more folks are feeling the stress of occupying the same space, so here are a few originals that will  liven things up. 

Palisade Falls
24" x 72"  Acrylic on Canvas

This piece features the iconic water fall in Hyalite Canyon outside of Bozeman, Montana. It's a 24" x 72" Acrylic on canvas original.
Price: $2900.00 
shipping included-US

I'm reaching into the Archives to make a few of my earlier painting's available for purchase this Holiday Season, here are a few Abstracts!

Painter's Groove
12" x 36"  Acrylic on canvas& collage

Price: $600.00 
shipping included-US

shipping included-US

I will feature some more works soon!

Be well and stay safe!


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tom Hanson Collection 2.0

The BigSkyScapes Collection

These two prints, Cascades 1 and Lurking Lunker are now available in full size "Portfolio 
Artist Proof Edition" canvas prints.
Each print is 24" x 48" in a Limited Edition of 1/5 signed and numbered with Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

If you've followed Tom's work you have seen these images many times over the years in multiple formats, from note cards to paper prints and mini canvas prints, this is the first time I have produced these pieces in actual size of the originals.

To celebrate the release of these pieces, I'm making this edition available at "Collector's" prices of just $450.00 plus shipping, which is generally about the wholesale price, these pieces are only available from the artist.

Cascades 1
 Print on Canvas, gallery wrap 24" x 48"

Lurking Lunker
Print on Canvas, gallery wrap 24" x 48"

If you've been wanting a large piece for your home or office, but an original has been out of the budget, here's you chance to acquire a nice colorful large print of one of my more popular images at an affordable price point!

Lurking Lunker
 canvas print framed 10" x 24"

If these are still to large for your wall space, they and other images are available in smaller sizes on canvas as well and can be custom ordered in a size that fits your needs.

You can visit my Catalog Page to see many of the other images that are available at this time.

Coming up I'll have some updates on Abstract Fly's.

All online orders at this time will be phone orders directly with Tom personally at his phone 509-209-4228.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Big Print Release # 2

 Tom's second Big Print Release for 2020

Sunflower 1
Giclee on canvas, gallery wrapped 18" x 66" 

If your like me, your real tired of winter! So it's just makes sense to release "Sunflower 1" in March, the first month of Spring!

You may have seen my feature of the original "Sunflowers" last summer, the piece was so well received it only made sense to release it a number of print formats.

Sunflowers full size!

The Image is currently available in three sizes,
each in LTD Edition Artist Proofs.
      1. Full Sized- 18" x 66"...........$750.00
      2. Half Sized    9" x 33"...........$450.00
      3. Sunflowers Trio  18" x 36"..$450.00               
pricing includes shipping in the U.S.

Sunflowers Trio
18" x 36"
Ask Tom about "Collector's Discounts",
If you've purchased any of Tom's work over the years you qualify,
just drop a quick note at 
and get the low down.

Bring some life to your wall with this Big colorful print!

*If you would like to be removed from this email, please let me know.

Monday, February 10, 2020

New "Big Canvas Print" release

I'm excited to announce my latest print release, the new "Big Canvas Prints", the first one is a classic from my "Tom Hanson Collection" catalog. 
"Fallen Timber" is available for the first time in an actual size print of the original at 18" x 66" Giclee Canvas Print with gallery wrap.
This is an Limited Edition of 5 signed Artist Proofs, available now.

"Fallen Timber" giclee print on canvas 18" x 66"
This piece has a retail price of $900.00, but I'm offing it in a special Studio Release price of just $600.00.

This piece is ideal for those horizontal spaces above couches, sectionals, or above headboards in the bedroom or office spaces in need of life. 

In the Studio

This is great opportunity to grab one of these dramatic prints for your collection at this introductory price. 

The second in the New Canvas Print release will be coming in early spring so stay tuned.

Ask about special discounts to established collectors and to the design trade! 

Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Art Work on the Stairway Wall

This past fall has marked my 40th year of pursuing my art full time, the piece featured here is the most recent in my development of custom art works for office and facilities interior wall spaces. 

Medical-Dental Office Building in Spokane Valley, WA

In creating this commissioned art work, The client wanted a local feel to the piece, so I focused on one of the the primary landmarks in the area, the Spokane Falls and Clock Tower in downtown Spokane. I felt cascading the water falls down the stairwell would create a nice feel of motion and life. you can see multiple views of this piece in the slide show and close ups below .

Here's a 1.5 minute slide show of my most recent commissioned painting installed.

I'll Have a more extensive video of the project's process, from design through production soon. 
Please feel free to share this with some one who may find this of interest.
I continue to create custom one of a kind pieces for clients that see the value in creating an environment that sets them apart from the norm.

A look at the piece from various vantage points, "walking up the stairwell"

More to come...