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For over 45 years Tom Hanson has been creating original art works professionally, specializing in custom commissioned works for corporations, businesses and individuals.
Currently, Tom’s collections of originals and published works have found interest globally, from a sportsman’s lodge in the Netherlands to a Coffee Shop in Japan, from his abstract fly-fishing works to art that reflects regional subjects and abstracts. Tom’s broad areas of artistic expression offers something for just about everyone.
Raised in Great Falls, MT in a family of artists, he got his start early in life in his fathers sign shop creating art works that would develop into a business, selling his first commercial art projects in grade school, he continued to refine his works in more functional wall art in high school. There his paintings started to sell to fellow students, teachers and at the annual high school art sales. When he started generating more income from art sales than his after-school job, he started dreaming of being a full-time artist.
First it would take several creative adventures to eventually lead him to realize his dream, in the years that followed, Tom’s studies included Film & TV, Theater Arts, Broadcasting, performing in and production management of musical groups, and during that time he continued develop his paintings. In 1974 he landed an opportunity with EXPO 74 in Spokane WA as an entertainment production manager, there he gained considerable experience in production management, artist relations and promotion, he continued to paint and found interest in his work selling many paintings there. These series of events led to an opportunity in Hollywood where he would tour with numerous notable performers, design and create theatrical designs for groups and theaters and would eventually work in the scenic art shops in Hollywood, working on sets for film and television projects .It would be at this time that he started finding a market for his art work in the commercial office environments in Los Angles, he would go door to door in the office buildings showing his work and finding clients that needed something on their walls, the business was born there in the fall 1977. Before long, the workload was significant enough to put the other work aside and focus on his business. A few years later, he moved his studio back to his hometown in Montana, there he established a studio gallery where he continued to grow his business marketing his work throughout the western states. Over the years he created original works in over 30 major bank interiors, numerous medical centers, corporate offices, facilities, businesses and residences.
As the years went by, his work has continued to expand into numerous genres, and with the global marketing impact of the internet, he has developed a following globally. Today, Tom calls the Spokane area home, he continues to reach out into new areas of expression, a testimonial to the passion and tenacity of this artists creative spirit.

Working on the original Fly

Panhandle State Bank 
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho




in progress

Yellowstone Bank in the Studio



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