Commissioned Works


Commissioned Art Works

Custom designed art works have been a specialty of Tom's since he started his art business in 1977. 

Early on he found a market for art works designed for commercial interiors as well as residences.

 Comfortable working in large format canvases, size and flexibility in design has been a strength in his art business development.

 Custom design of budget is also a strength, no two commissions are the same, so the cost varies according to the nature of the project, but affordability is always a goal. 

Working to meet the client’s needs in both design and cost is a specialty of Tom's professional approach.

How to approach a custom art work

It starts with a client’s area of need, an empty wall space in a business, building or home. Then the client engages the artist to guide them through the process of visualization, design, production, then finally the installation. A photo and measurements of the wall and swatches or color guide of the visual area that the artwork will be designed to enhance. Nature of the design: the client steers the process of genre, it could be an abstract, a landscape, nature scene or figurative design featuring subject matter a kin to the personality of the individual or nature of the location of the business or home. All projects have a budget, it's a collaboration to find a suitable cost for both client and artist. All projects begin with an inquiry, so, call or email Tom, it doesn't cost a thing to ask questions.


A few examples of commissioned paintings for interior projects.

Medical Dental Office Building
Spokane Valley, WA

Panhandle State Bank  Coeur d'Alene, Idaho   

Giant Springs  Holman Aviation  Great Falls, MT 

Espresso Americano-Kyoto, Japan 

I work in multiple genres, from landscapes to non-objective and abstracts.

Pacifica Union Building  Lakewood, Colorado   

Hair Salon  Seattle, WA

NTL Building   Great Falls, MT   

Central Montana Landscape - Great Falls Clinic, Great Falls, Montana  

Shea Construction  Spokane, WA   

Abstract  The Boeing Company  Arlington, VA 

Horseshoe Falls - Mtn. West Bank,  Great Falls, MT  


Residential interior,   Denver, CO   

Yellowstone Bank  Billings, MT 

Missoula Airport, Missoula, MT  

A more extensive archive is underway and will be available soon.


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