Thursday, May 2, 2024

Celebrating 50 years since Expo '74

The Clock Tower and Pavilion

For those who know me well, know that Expo '74 here in Spokane, Washington was a pivotal moment for me and my career, as it was for so many.

I was blessed to have a dream job working for Expo managing performing stages, performances and events throughout the fair site. So needless to say the Riverfront Park is very dear to me, as I spent 6 days a week for the duration of the 6 months covering every area of the grounds. 

This job then led me to my jobs in Hollywood that evolved into the beginning and development of my art business.

So when I moved back to Spokane in 2005, It was only natural that I was drawn to The Clock Tower and The Spokane Falls as subjects for some of my paintings.

5.5" x 8.5" Signed Cards

These cards are a special new "Signature Edition" with each card signed by the artist, printed on archival canvas textured paper and suitable for framing. They are a beautiful presentation that anyone would be thrilled to receive.

The Carousel at River Front Park 

This year the cards are available individually at the Carousel Gift Shop.

So with this summers 50th Celebration, I've released this special boxed set of 6 note cards featuring 3 cards of each, which is priced at just  $25.00 

To purchase The Boxed Set, go to Tom's Store  click here, which are only available at this site or contact Tom personally for local delivery and save the shipping cost.

So, if your going to be at the park celebrating 50 Years of Expo '74,  or just hanging out at the park, stop in to the gift shop and see all the neat stuff.

Gift Box of 6 cards

The Clock Tower

Spokane Falls

Here's a link to the Expo '74 50th Year Celebration site
to learn about all the activities planned.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Wall Art by Tom Hanson


Cascades 3

Tom Hanson has been creating Wall Art commercially for over 45 years. His clientele includes many notable corporations, individuals, businesses and facilities throughout the US and Internationally.

Tom has specialized in creating custom art works for interior spaces, creating environments for work spaces and residences. 

Spokane Falls by Tom Hanson
Spokane Falls by Tom Hanson
Dental and Medical Building, Spokane Valley

He has developed a collection of reproductions, "The Tom Hanson Collection", which includes imagery featuring Abstract Fly Fishing Flies, Nature Scenes, Landscapes and Abstracts.

These works include original canvases, prints on canvas & archival papers, framed and gallery wrapped.

Framed canvas prints

Studio works are also included in the collection, they feature original paintings, Acrylic on canvas, both framed and gallery wrapped.

Originals from the studio

Tom will be focusing on Custom projects this year, if your interested in a custom art work, or know someone that is, touch base and explore the possibilities.