Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May's Free Print goes to Europe!

I'm excited to say May's Print Giveaway Winner is Stephane Perick of Hannut, Belgium.

Stephane creating one of his world class fly's

Stephane chose the Royal Wolf 1, so far this year, that image has been the choice of several of my winners.

Royal Wolf 1

Hey Steph, nice cast!

Thanks Stephane, for following me on Facebook, I hope you enjoy your print. 
Each month this year I'll continue my Free Print Give Away, you can find out how you can enter by reading further in this blog.

I would like to acknowledge the spelling of my painting and print "Royal Wolf 1"
I would like to acknowledge fly tying legend Lee Wulff as the originator of the pattern. It is not an over site or a lack of respect that I have used this spelling, but a copyright issue regarding the publishing of Tom Hanson art works.
Thanks Lee & Joan Wulff for all your great contributions to the sport and conservation awareness!