Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Less is More!

When less is more! 
We've all heard it so many times over the years, here's a nice example of how Kay Dell Parratt, has applied it to her collection of my note cards.
With the help of your framer, this simply practical idea can give these miniature images a nice presentation and display in your home or office. 
Kay Dell's framed note cards...
This grouping features images from my Portfolio Collection of Montana, you can also make groupings of my Big Skyscapes, Inland Northwest and Abstract Fly Collections. You can pick and choose images to make your own personal collection, to see more and the catalog of available images, click on this link,  NOTE CARD COLLECTIONSGo to the PDF link to see image catalog,
The note cards are available for purchase at my WebStore, if you you would like to choose specific cards, just drop me an e-mail, tell me what images and how many you would like, and we can create a custom order.

The Signature Collection
The Signature Collection are signed by the artist, a very affordable way to feature signed artist works, it adds that little something special to the mini print.
For a limited time, I will include the signed cards on special orders at no additional charge.