Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Variety is the Spice of Life

Truer words were never spoken
I was visiting with a client the other day, I was struck, and reminded, how varied peoples tastes are, and why I have chosen to work in several genres. 
representational landscape framed print
This client has very traditional tastes, and chose to create work for his interior that is very figurative and representational, I was reminded how black and white some tastes can be, when he saw my abstract fly's, a huge wall went up, so I scooted past this body of work in my portfolio as to not turn him off and lose his interest all together.
Law Offices, Great Falls- Missouri River Bluffs
custom designed landscape - original canvas

After the meeting, I laughed to myself, as so many times over the years I've dealt with this sort of thing, clients that have a totally myopic perspective, it pays to keep on your toes. 
Sometimes it's the opposite, many abstract people quite often have a huge turn off to the representational works, of course there are those with broad tastes that enjoy both, thank god.
Abstract canvas with collage

Obviously, working in multiple genres comes as a result of necessity, and creating works for the broadest audiences increases the field of prospects considerably.

Abstract Fly canvas prints

It's an enjoyable challenge to fit my work into the vast variety of environments that I have had the opportunity to place my work. I appreciate the opportunities now more than ever, as it seems that there is an ever growing pool of options for the buyers. 

I'm often asked, "which do I enjoy creating more?" The answer varies, and depends on how the pieces turn out and how I feel about any particular piece, but, I do enjoy creating the abstracts a lot because it can be so spontaneous, more Jazz like, if you will. Often I really don't know where the process was going to take me when I get started, sometimes it's really a kick to see where it ends up. 
The representational works are more defined, if they turn out well, I'm thrilled.

The Royal Coachman on the easel

 The abstract fly's are great fun, and have built quite a following, they grew out of an abstract series of work, and ended up creating a world of their own, with many international collector's acquiring originals and prints.
I'm starting work on a new series in studio as I speak, I'm excited with the new ideas on the drawing board and what will evolve from them.
Building and stretching canvases are always a therapeutic exercise in preparation of production, the visualization process is greatly aided by building the canvases by hand,  this is an exciting time.

I'll feature the new work in the blog posts to come.