Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Mini - Fly Fishing Originals

I've been challenged for sometime to create a series of Miniature Originals, many of my dealers and customers have requested this, but it has been a difficult thing for me to develop.

First off, I've always worked large, so to reduce my work to such a small size, and do it in a budgetary way that makes them affordable to the retail market and make it worth my while has been a challenge.

I've come up with a framed collection of original acrylic on canvas panel/framed that has been received well.
Currently I have a new series underway and I'm currently taking orders for custom pieces, prices start at just $300.00 plus shipping.

Here is one of my most recent pieces, Mini-Fly 3,  an abstract approach to a Royal Coachman like fly, featuring bold impasto texture, as all my originals do, with vivid colors and a touch of metallic wash. Framed here with a contemporary rustic wood frame and gold filet type trim.
The image size 5" x 11.75" with outer dimensions of  8.75" x 15".

Mini-Fly 3

The gold trim filet is visible below, and shows the proportions well.

Mini-Fly 3 profile

More photo's to follow.

Mini Fly 4